7 symptoms of poor sleep

7 signs & symptoms that you’re not taking enough sleep (and that it’s hurting your health)


Most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep. Infants need about 16 hours of sleep while teenagers can sleep for about 9 hours on average.

The point is we all need our share of shuteye. It is essential for a healthy and happy us. But in this seemingly always-on world, more and more of us seem to cheat on our sleep time. And that’s what eventually ruins our mental and physical health  and affects our performance & productivity at work and home, our looks, our outlook, and the way we react in our everyday interactions.

Here we’re listing down 7 signs & symptoms of poor sleep. Check out this list and see how many boxes you end up ticking.

7. You’re always hungry  and craving for carbs and fats

When you’re not sleeping well, your body reacts. And it also shows in the production of the hormone grehlin in our body which regulates your hunger and satiety. Too little or too much of sleep disturbs the production of grehlin, which makes you feel hungry all the time and craving for carbs and fats.

And you got it right when this continues for long, you often end-up with a lot of weight.

6. You forget your keys, glasses, wallets, and almost everything else

A good night’s sleep makes you attentive to details and aids your memory power. But when you are not taking your due dose of slumber, you begin to ruin your ability to remember things and respond faster. As a result, you begin to forget small details like where you kept your keys last night or your wallets or that precious necklace.

5. You’re turning into a pretty moody person

Sleep promotes emotional health  they’re so very interconnected. When you cut back on your sleep time, you gradually lose control over how you express your emotions or behaviour. As Dr. Himanshu Garg says, even short-term, partial sleep loss cancan negatively affect mood, outlook, and the quality of our most important relationships. If you’re seeing some strange changes in your daily functioning and behaviour, see a sleep specialist. Aviss Health is a one-off sleep clinic in Gold Coast and offers complete diagnosis, treatment and care for sleep disorders.

4. Your libido’s flagging

When you don’t sleep well, fatigue comes easy. And as per the Mayo Clinic, women involved with caring for children and aging parents frequently report being too exhausted for intimacy at the end of the day.

Additionally, sleep disorders like Sleep Apnea has been linked to loss of libido in women. So if you snore or have other symptoms of a sleep disorder, do make sure to visit a sleep doctor in your city.

3. You’re getting drowsy during the day

This is obvious, isn’t it You wake up feeling groggy and spend rest of the day feeling exhausted. See this as a big red flag that you’re not clocking enough sleep at night and need to see a sleep specialist before your condition worsens.

2. Your immune system weakens  and cannot fight out even a simple cold or cough

In fact, you feel sicker the morning you wake up after a dreadful night. Over a period of time, sleep deficiency hurts your immune system as well which further takes a toll on your ability to fight out common infections and diseases like cold and cough.

1. You’re not looking your best: when you wake up after a night well slept, you wake up refreshed, full of energy  and it shows on your face as well. Unfortunately, when you’ve had a rough night, it also shows up right there  on your face and in your eyes. Reddish, puffy eyes, and dark under-eye circles, they all tell that you aren’t not getting quality sleep.

If you’ve any or more of these symptoms, early diagnosis and treatment can help you. See a sleep specialist, follow what he/she tells you to do, and get back your life.


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