Sleep Wellness Program

Healthy sleep is vital for physical health, mental wellbeing, safety and productivity. It is a vital component to optimize your human capital.

In our 24/7 culture, sleep is being challenged.

As the demands on the global workforce increasingly stretch the boundaries of employee work hours and performance, there is a need to provide sleep solution to all.

Companies tend to focus on exercise and diet as part of an executive’s health and wellbeing to limit burnout but forget the most important daily biological process i.e sleep.

Scientific research, reveals that sleep deprivation directly impacts nearly every cognitive and physiological function imperative for peak employee performance. Sleep impacts employee alertness, judgement, productivity, absenteeism, turnover rates, profitability, safety, and increases health care costs.

Sleep deprivation is a risk management issue, requiring the leaders to take action. Sleep is an employee asset, with an ROI that can be leveraged to benefit both employer and employee.

By providing sleep education and training to their employees the management can improve their company’s bottom line by optimizing performance,decreasing healthcare spend,promoting well being and improving safety of the employees.

How help you:

  • We are the leading sleep experts providing customized and research based Sleep Health Solutions to address the issue of Sleep Wellness for all levels of a corporation or organization’s workforce.
  • Recognized sleep expert Dr Himanshu Garg directs our Corporate Sleep
  • We provide Sleep Wellness education, strategies, tools, and resources to help all employees optimize the quality and quantity of their sleep.

Overview of our services:

  • Assess corporate culture, goals, strategic needs for optimal program delivery.
  • Keynote presentation and Face to face workshop designed to provide basic sleep science and sleep improvement strategies and solutions to the employees.
  • Interaction with the Managers and HR about ways of rostering, Shiftwork Scheduling & Staffing. This will help improve employee health, safety and quality of life and reduce employer costs, risks and liabilities and defer capital expenditures.
  • Demonstration of Specific Yoga exercises including Nidra Yoga.
  • Evaluation of workplace ergonomic and suggestion.

It is time that Corporate Management “Wakes up to Sleep” because Sleep is not Optional it is a necessity as food and oxygen. The evolution of a 24/7 society has caused sleep debt (the cumulative effect of not getting enough sleep} to steadily increase. Unfortunately, this liability is not reported on balance sheets, but it is likely impacting your bottom line. Corporate management has an opportunity to optimize its workforce by providing expert Sleep Wellness education and training initiatives so employees can optimize their sleep.