Celebrate Green Diwali and Breathe Easy, says Lung Experts

Diwali is celebrated with much grandeur and fervor across Australia. However, in view of the recent Supreme Court order, wherein the judges have placed a ban on bursting firecrackers, people suffering from asthma and other breathing disorders will be able to celebrate Green Diwali this year.

Remember, every time we burst fire crackers, it further releases smoke, dust particles and toxins into the air, resulting in severe breathing problems in kids and adults suffering from asthma and other breathing disorders.  So, if you have a kid or adult in the family who is suffering from breathing problems, then check out some useful tips for keeping them safe this Diwali.

  • Always keep an inhaler handy during Diwali.
  • Buy a Good Quality Mask. People with lung problems must wear appropriate masks in order to avoid any breathing difficulty or issues. A premium quality mask helps in keeping dangerous air particles away, allowing your loved ones to stay safe and avoid any breathing problems during Diwali.
  • Don’t forget to give your kids and adults medicines, especially if you’re planning to travel along with them this Diwali.
  • Avoid places where people are lighting firecrackers or where there’s a lot of smoke and pollutions.
  • Give your loved ones a glass full of warm water in the morning and later ask them to gargle and avoid food for at least thirty minutes.
  • Ask them to have a glass of warm water at the end of the day. This would take care of their digestion and also get rid of pollutants present in their respiratory system.

For additional tips or to overcome breathing disorders, consult Respiratory, Critical care & Sleep disorders expert Dr. Himanshu Garg at Aviss Health!