Improvement Assessment

Improvement Assessment


Patients symptoms are assessed to govern the effectiveness of lung rehab.

Body composition

After the completion of patient’s treatment, their BMI, fat free mass, fat content etc are assessed.

Inhalation Therapy Technique

The technique is assessed at the end of rehab as a routine procedure to incorporate the importance of inhalation therapy in the patients.

Depression and Anxiety

It is important to assess changes in depression and anxiety state at the end of treatment.

Pulmonary Function Tests

These tests are repeated to inquire if there has been any markable change in patient’s lung health.

Diet and Nutrition

Patients diet and nutrition are assessed to look for any improvement. They are also guided towards continuation of correct diet, nutrition and eating habits.

Exercise Testing

Patients undergo the same tests as during initial interview to objectively define the improvement in exercise ability.

Quality of life

Lung rehab leads to improvement in patient’s state of health, comfort, and happiness which is the ultimate goal of the patient. These changes are objectively quantified.