Rehab Treatment

Rehab Treatment

Reducing symptoms

Reducing patient’s symptoms is the first step of rehab where the, therapist works towards reducing their symptoms through various techniques. Eg, breathlessness is reduced by dyspnea relieving techniques, activity pacing, abdominal, breathing.

Facilitating Clear Lungs

Here, various chest physiotherapy techniques are applied (postural drainage, chest percussion, vibrations, assisted coughing etc) to facilitate clear lungs.

Exercise Training

Exercise training is the most important component of Lung Rehab. Patients are indulged into cardio-respiratory training to improve their lung health. The type of training session is decided by the patient’s ability, symptomatic presentation, breathlessness, previous exercise history etc. Emphasis are also laid on improving the strength of the muscles in order to facilitate ability to perform those activities of living which requires power and strength.

Breathing Strategies

Breathing strategies are techniques which are incorporated to enhance, deep breathing, reduce the work load on breathing muscles and facilitate relaxation. The aim is, to normalize the frequency and the pattern of breathing.

Diet and Nutrition Counseling

Patients are guided towards correct dietary habits for effective weight management and prevention of under nourishment.

Adherence to Inhalation Therapy

Patients are regularly assessed for their inhalation technique and also educated towards effectiveness of inhalation therapy, importance of adhering to the right technique and why they should not miss any dose of inhalation drug.