Oxygen Therapy At Home

Oxygen Therapy At Home: Safety Tips for an Effective Therapy

Well noted by almost all of us, Oxygen forms one of the most essential components for the effective functioning of the human body. For most people with chronic lung disease and low blood oxygen, oxygen therapy at home is an easy and effective option to cope with the associated symptoms. Chronic conditions affecting the lungs, make it difficult for the patients to breathe easy and get enough oxygen from the air.

What Is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen Therapy is a medical treatment that increases the amount of oxygen that flows into the lungs and bloodstream via oxygen supply from a cylinder/tank. The lung specialist/ or pulmonologist may suggest different ways to deliver the oxygen, such as;

  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Oxygen gas cylinders
  • Liquid oxygen devices

Your pulmonologist shall write a prescription for the patients which may include;

  • Time when the oxygen therapy is needed (the time of rest, exercise or sleep)
  • Quantity of oxygen needed (litres/ minutes)
  • Number of hours a day for which oxygen is needed
  • Type of oxygen needed

Whom Does Oxygen Therapy Benefit?

There exists a strong clinical evidence supporting the survival benefit of long term oxygen therapy in patients with COPD and low blood oxygen levels.

The biggest advantage of this therapy is, that you need not be admitted to the hospital for oxygen therapy.

  • The oxygen systems are portable
  • User friendly; Can be used while one is at work as well

Oxygen being inflammable in nature, will also make the surroundings prone to accidents. An oxygen rich space shall catch fire faster and easily. Therefore, it is important for you to be cautious of such accidents.

Here are a few safety tips that you need to be aware of to avoid any mishaps while you are taking your oxygen therapy at home:

  1. Avoid Open Flames

As oxygen is inflammable and can cause fire accidents, avoid opening flames in areas where oxygen cylinders are placed. Burning a candle in the house, if left unattended, can lead to an accident.

-It is advised to stay at least 5-10 feet away from the gas stoves, lighted fireplaces, candles and other sources of open flames. In case you are dining at a restaurant, make sure you place your sitting at least 6 feet away from any source of fire.

  1. Maintain A Distance From Electrical Equipments

We often miss electrical equipments as a source of mishap. Sparks from electrical equipments can be disastrous while you are taking oxygen therapy at home.

-Avoid the use of electric razors, electric toothbrushes, electric blankets, electric space heaters, electric heaters and extension cords for your therapy. All these can prove to be dangerous.

  1. Avoid Smoking In Close Proximity

In case you smoke, you need to quit it right away. In the first place, of course for medical reasons, but also for security. Oxygen saturates the environment and the things placed in the surroundings, example- the bedding and clothing. Even a small flame or a spark can ignite the equipment.

-Make sure no one around you or the patient smokes, while on an oxygen therapy. Not to forget, smoking itself is so harmful for your compromised lungs and health.

  1. Store Your Oxygen Tank Safely

The oxygen equipment for the therapy are generally bulky and heavy and therefore can tip over and create problems. To avoid such mishaps and ensure security, make sure you store the oxygen tanks in a well ventilated place.

-In case you use a cylinder with compressed (under pressure) oxygen, make sure the valves are tight enough. In case of any suspected leak or damage, it can cause a mishap.

Therefore, make sure you practice these safety checks and follow these tips to avoid the occurrence of any sort of mishap in and around yourself.

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