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Gold Coast Lung and Sleep  is one of the popular destination for Asthma Treatment in Australia. Asthma is a respiratory disease marked by inflammation of the airways.

It has proven to be a major obstacle in leading a normal day?to-day life and can cause death if left untreated. It was the cause of about 2,50,000 worldwide deaths in 2011. The primary reasons, for asthma reaching a life-threatening stage, include the misinterpretation of the symptoms and incorrect diagnosis. Thus, let us first have a look at the symptoms which may be an early warning for asthma and related allergies.

Asthma Symptoms

The initial signs and symptoms of asthma are very similar to common cough and cold. These include coughing, chest tightness, wheezing, etc. Many a patient has suffered unnecessarily due to incorrect diagnosis of these symptoms. It is only when asthma reaches its secondary stages that an Asthma Specialist is visited. Our team, led by well-known Asthma Doctor in Gold CoastDr. Himanshu Garg, provides accurate diagnosis of Asthma and ensures convenient inductions of the patients to normal life.

Causes of Asthma

Some of the known causes of asthmatic attacks include allergies, pollution, genetic, other diseases. Allergies have the peculiarity of getting detected only when contact is made with the asthma inducing agent. These allergies almost always start episodes of asthmatic attacks. Thus, it is highly recommended to stay away from known asthma causing agents. Introduction of pollutants also spark episodes of asthmatic attacks. People working at hazardous work environments are at higher risks of developing asthma than others. Apart from these, asthma also develops due to genetic conditions and other diseases like atopic eczema, allergic rhinitis, etc.

Asthma Solutions

Even though asthma is not curable, proper treatment ensures that the asthmatic attacks are kept under control and hindrances to daily life functions are kept at bay. Expert advice and consultation by an asthma specialist is necessary as the cause of asthma decides the ways to prevent it.

We provide excellent asthma treatment services in a world class environment using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.