sleep apnea test in Gold Coast

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Do You Suffer From Sleep apnea  Know Now With In-Home. Let Start Curing your Sleep Apnea Today!

Aviss Health is a world-class comprehensive Sleep Centre committed to the excellence in the diagnosis and sleep disorders treatment. It is built upon the experience of an outstanding panel of experts in the field of pulmonology and Sleep medicine. Offering the best Sleep Apnea Test in Gold Coast.

Live life the way it was meant to be starting with a good night’s sleep!

For Years, Individual suffering from Sleep Disordered Breathing, the most common is Obstructive Sleep Apnea always had limited treatment options which mostly consisted either of bulky dental devices, painful invasive throat surgeries, or loud Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) masks due to which 80% remain undiagnosed. People with untreated sleep apnea stop breathing during sleep, which means the brain and body may not get enough oxygen to function normally. This erodes your quality-of-life and increase in number of patients suffering from sleep apnea problems such as heart disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue, cancer, stroke and hypertension.

How is sleep apnea treated ?

Now, in the comfort of your home, you can diagnose for Sleep Apnea with our cost-effective and easy-to-use sleep apnea test in Gold Coast. This in-home sleep apnea test is widely used and preferred by physicians, and covered by most major insurance companies. We mail you the test to monitor and record your vital sleep patterns overnight. Based on your sleep test results, we can also help treat and monitor your sleep apnea so you can get a restful night’s sleep again. Our sleep specialist will work directly with you and your doctor to make sure you get the right CPAP equipment and supplies for maximum therapeutic benefit to determine the best treatment options.


The sole purpose of Aviss Health is providing superior sleep solutions for our patients to improve their entire quality of life. We try to seek thorough understanding of each patient’s sleep disorder and individual medical needs to provide the best care and sleep solutions available to effectively treat their sleep condition. For the best sleep apnea test in Gold Coast.


Our unique and comprehensive form of sleep apnea treatment that effectively seeks to cure sleep apnea. Having the capability to impact our patients’ lives more significantly for the better through improved sleep and minimizing health risks is something that we are focused upon.


Our Expert team is committed to providing superior patient care and sleep apnea test in Gold Coast. We look forward to helping you treat your sleep disorder, ensuring a better overall quality of life. A healthy night’s Sleep is a fundamental human need. It occupies one third of our existence. Sleep is as essential for health and wellness as exercise and diet. None of life’s pleasure equals a goodnight’s sleep. Let us help you sleep better and live healthier today!

Feel Free to consult with us to know more about our experienced, proficient and award winning manual sleep scoring service or sleep apnea test in Gold Coast.