sleep study test cost in Queensland

How Much Does A Sleep Study Test Cost in Queensland/Gold Coast/NCR?

There are some health complaints that affects the lives of others but snoring and sleep apnea can have a disastrous effect on the healthy lives of our loved ones. We know there are 70% of snorers in Queensland but it may not be known that those snorers are unaware that they are suffering from the more serious condition of sleep apnea. Daytime dozing, fitful sleep and excessively loud snoring are all reasons to have a sleep study. So how much does a sleep study test cost in Queensland/Gold Coast/NCR The answer: it depends.


Sleep study test cost in Queensland

At Aviss Health, building trust with our patients is our first priority. We make full transparency and disclosure about everything we do during your sleep study test! Aside from the sleep disorder treatment, the patients are generally more concerned about how much does a sleep study test cost in Queensland / Gold Coast / NCR  And this is mainly the most reasonable question to ask, we doesn’t refuse to shy away from that. The Answer for this question is so simple that it leaves them even more confused. We are getting regular patients suffering from sleep Disorders and are quoted anywhere from 2,000 to 20,000 Rupees for a sleep study test!!!

We keep them out of dilemma and accredit them to elaborate on some of the key points about the Sleep Study test Cost in Queensland/Gold Coast/NCR.

The cost of a sleep study test is mostly out of pocket expense as at present none if the health insurances in australia cover the cost of a sleep study.

There are various levels of Sleep Studies and every sleep study is of different type.

A Polysomnography is a level 1 sleep study which is generally a lab sleep study. A polysomnography is a most important test mostly used for treating sleep apnea. A Polysomnography monitors a number of physical activities during sleep, including snoring intensity, body position, eye movements, nasal airflow, heart rate, heart rhythm and muscle activity. The sleep study test costs can vary according to the hospital it is being done and this sleep study cost in Queensland /Gold Coast/NCR vary between Rs 15000 to 20000. With the advancements in technology and the portability, patients can avoid having to sleep in a lab. If so, they can have home sleep study test. However patients with one or more additional diseases should undergo in-lab study

Home sleep test (HST)  Home Sleep Study Tests are becoming popular around the world. It should be more emphasized that all HST’s are not the same.

An Extensive Home Sleep Study test (attended level 2 study) is the most popular level of testing the Sleep Disorders. This whole process requires an expert technician putting on the sensors and leads and observing the patients sleep in their bedroom. This titration is being done wherever it is required. This Kind of testing is not been possible in the West as it is not possible for our techs to stay overnight. Aviss Health sleep expert panel has the vast experience of treating over 3000 patients suffering from sleep disorders and now have mastered this testing pathway. The sleep study test cost in Queensland /Gold Coast/NCR are typically vary from Rs 8000 to Rs 12000.

Level 3 sleep study test are generally self administered sleep tests being done where the possibility of sleep apnea is very obvious This will have time and cost constraints. There will be no sleep monitoring just the cardio-respiratory parameters are required during your sleep.There will be no titration provision required for this. These Level 3 sleep study test cost in Queensland /Gold Coast/NCR are between Rs 2000 to Rs 5000.

It is very necessary to ensure & understand some of the basic things like who is gonna do this test, who is recommending the test, what are the credentials of the sleep physician etc. At Aviss Health, we take care of our that as its our duty offer the best treatment and services for the patients at an affordable sleep study test cost in Queensland /Gold Coast/NCR.

Aviss Health with it’s unique business model of utilizing the strength of our backend operations ( helping subsidize our local work) is able to provide services at about 30% less sleep study test cost in Queensland /Gold Coast/NCR to the patients. We have been at the forefront of training and are playing a pioneering role in the emergence of Sleep Medicine. The service is led by an American Board Certified Sleep Physician who has been mentoring physicians in this region. We feel happy and privileged to pass on the benefits of our business model, and our expertise to our patients.

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