Sleep Testing at Gold Coast Lung and Sleep Clinic

Sleep Testing at Gold Coast Lung and Sleep Clinic

Hassle-Free Sleep Testing

Option 1: Simple Sleep Test

Convenient, Affordable, No Medicare Referral Required

Gold Coast Lung and Sleep Clinic offers the Sleep Pro testing, designed to be a hassle-free, convenient, and cost-effective option for diagnosing sleep disorders. This test can be done without a Medicare referral, making it easily accessible for everyone.

Why Choose Sleep Pro?

  • Convenient: Conducted at the comfort of your home with no leads and minimum preparation.
  • Affordable: Cost-effective without compromising on quality.
  • No Medicare Referral Needed: Simplifies the process for quicker access.
  • Receive Care Bundle: Includes a diagnostic sleep study, Hus'd temporary mandibular device, efficacy sleep study, and specialist review.

Option 2: Medicare-Aided Home Sleep Testing

For those eligible, Gold Coast Lung and Sleep Clinic also provides Medicare-aided home sleep testing. This option is available for patients with a referral, ensuring that those who qualify can access sleep testing with the support of Medicare coverage.

Benefits of Medicare-Aided Testing:

  • Medicare Coverage: Reduces out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Professional Guidance: Managed by experienced sleep specialists.
  • Comprehensive Results: Detailed analysis for accurate diagnosis.

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