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How is your son or daughter doing these days?

What I basically want to know how they’re doing sleepwise

Are they getting enough sleep Or, are they going through what most teens in Australia are going through these days

Study after study is suggesting that our teens are not getting enough sleep. You can blame it in part on TV, instant messaging, social media, homework, and drinks filled with caffeine. Together, these things are ensuring that our kids do not get enough sleep and suffer the consequences.

Problems with poor sleep

When you’ve not slept well, you wake up feeling cranky, sad, and moody. And you also find it difficult getting along at home and at school.

Teens also find difficulty concentrating on their studies and get poor grades. What’s more, they’re also at risk if they drive to and from their schools.

Teens and sleep disorders

Your not being able to sleep well might be a sign of a sleep disorder such as Sleep Apnea. And if it’s a sleep disorder, it needs to be treated before it worsens and begins to interfere with your daily life.

With a sleep disorder, you may have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. You might feel excessively drowsiness during the day or might develop Parasomnia, which is characterized by sleep terrors and sleepwalking.

Sleep tips for teenagers

If it’s been long your child hasn’t slept well, try seeing a sleep specialist. You can easily find a specialist in Queensland or Gold Coast.

Try these sleep tips in the meantime:

Start with the bedroom. Make it as noiseless as possible. If you’ve a computer or music system in your room, make sure you turn it off before you get in bed.


Take a hot bath or shower to boost your sleep.


If something is bugging you, get over it with some soft music or Yoga. If that doesn’t help, ask your doctor for help.


Try getting in your bed earlier than usual especially when you’re ill


Cast a look at your bed as well. Make sure it is comfortable. Else, get a new one. Also use blackout curtains on your windows so that you don’t get disturbed by the lights.


Regular exercise helps too  star with at least 20 minutes of light exercise, three times a week.


You can try aromatherapy as well. And good night scents do not cost much as well.


Think about what other things might be causing you sleep deprivation. It might be some medications that you’ve been taking for the last couple of months or weeks. Try also cutting down on caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee


Give these tips a shot for a couple of days to see whether they help you sleep well. If you don’t notice any change, see a sleep doctor immediately. A sleep specialist is someone who’s a medical doctor with additional knowledge and training in the field of sleep medicine and sleep disorders. He/she will help you understand what you’re going through, and whether your symptoms indicate towards a sleep disorder.

For more sleep tips, speak with our sleep specialists at Aviss Health, Gold Coast. We’d love to answer your queries.

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