This Valentines Day gift your partner a sound sleep

This Valentine’s Day, Gift Your Partner A Sound Sleep Sans Snoring

Tis the season of love! And the day when even air fills with love and joy  we mean Valentine’s Day  is almost here.

You must have planned for him or her.

But how about gifting your partner something that can last a lifetime  that can help him or her become more aware and mentally and physically healthy

How about encouraging your partner to take up a sleep study and leave behind the frustrations of not being able to sleep throughout the night and waking up feeling tired

Sleep study is economical and is painless

Loud snoring is a warning signal that your partner may have been suffering from a sleep related breathing disorder which is termed as obstructive sleep apnea in the medical terminology. It’s basically an inability of a person to breathe naturally in sleep due to the collapsing of the airway that makes breathing difficult for the person.

Sleep apnea hurts heart

It lowers oxygen levels in your body and increases blood pressure. Your chances of developing a heart disease almost double up with sleep apnea.

Inability to sleep 7 hours or more also mars your ability to stay awake at the wheel and makes you more likely to put on weight (bad fat), and lose interest in things important to your personal and professional life.

The more the care, the less the sufferings

Valentine’s Day is less about gifting or taking your partner to a restaurant or going for a movie together, and more about taking time to reflect on your relationship and to show the other person how much you care.

And that’s why we want you to educate your partner on sleep disorders, their adverse effects, and how a simple overnight test will reveal the core of his her sleep sufferings.

Okay, I got it  now can you enlighten me a little on what the heck is sleep study?

It’s a scientific study of your sleep health. You’ll be asked to spend a night in at the comfort of your bed and home and one of Aviss Health’s trained sleep technologist will monitor your sleep overnight along with recording the data .The data is then analysed and interpreted by a Dr Himanshu Garg , Sleep Specialist, Aviss Health.

Is it going to hurt?

It’s a painless process. Basically, the sleep technologist will attach several wires to your body to monitor and record your brain waves, eyes movement, legs movement, and your heart beats and oxygen levels in your body while you sleep. The technologist will also record how many times you woke up from your sleep and will also ask you about your sleeping experience on the night of sleep study.

The findings will enable the sleep doctor determine whether your partner suffers from sleep apnea, and recommend a treatment to help him or her get back sleep well. If left untreated, obstructive sleep apnea increases your chances of developing lifestyle diseases including obesity and diabetes and also makes you prone to high blood pressure and depression.

This Valentine’s Day, bring your loved-one to meet our Specialist Dr Himanshu Garg to help him or her have a healthy sleep. Also avail attractive discounts for booking a sleep study on this Valentine’s Day.