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Who is a Sleep Specialist and how he/she diagnoses and treats a possible sleep disorder?

Remember the time you could not sleep all night and the groggy feeling you have had the following day

We’re wired to sleep every night and wake up feeling rested and full of energy. A slight disturbance in this pattern might leave us feeling tired and unable to pay attention to work or respond the way we usually do.

Now imagine the condition of a person who’s having difficulty sleeping every night or so for the past one month, or one year, or many years.

The good thing is more and more people are getting aware of sleep disorders and that they need to see sleep specialists if they experience a consistent sleep disturbance.

But, what is a sleep specialist?

They’re in the specialists in the medical or psychological fields with deep interest and extensive trainings in sleep medicine and sleep disorders.

What do they treat?

You’d be surprised to know that there’re about 88 sleep disorders  however, the most common disorders are just 5 which are Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Restless Legs Syndrome, and Periodic Limb Movements. In Australia alone, more than 10 million cases of Sleep Apnea are reported every year! The situation is more severe in Urban Australia including Queensland, Gold Coast, and Mumbai.

When is the right time to see a sleep specialist

Think about why would you go to a sleep specialist in the first place You’d go to him or her when you wouldn’t be able to get the quantity and quality of sleep that you need. And when sleep deprivation begins to reduce your quality of life at work and home. Therefore, you should see a specialist if getting in the middle of the night has become a common thing, or when your partner is having problem sleeping because you snore loudly or when you come across anything that is not letting you have your daily dose of Zzz.

What happens when you meet a sleep specialist?

He/she will ask you questions about how long you’ve not been sleeping well, whether you’ve a disease, and about your diet, work, and exercise routine. They’ll see if your symptoms qualify you for a diagnostic test called polysomnogram  if they do, you can be recommended the test or sleep study, in which you’ll be sleeping with about 25 electrodes attached to your body. A technician will observe you while you sleep to monitor your brain waves, heart rate, eye movements, among other things to ascertain the sleep disorder and the best treatment possible for the disorder.

How does a sleep doctor treat a disorder?

Treatment often depends on the type of sleep disorder and its extent. Behavioral therapies and lifestyle changes are recommended quite often by the doctors. Then there’re several medications that offer great help for those suffering with Insomnia and several other sleep disorders. Sleep Apnea may need a CPAP  a breathing assistance device that helps open the air gateway so you can sleep peacefully sans snoring. Surgery might also be required in some conditions.

Not getting desired results from your snoring treatment See us at Aviss Health then. Our specialists listen to you. Access your condition. And recommend what is best for you.


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