Can Yoga Help in Sleeping Better?

According to a National Sleep Foundation research, adults between eighteen to sixty four years of age must get at least 7-9 hours of sleep. However, given our fast paced lives and the amount of stress we experience on an everyday basis, managing good and consistent sleep seems way too difficult. Hence, if you’re searching for a quick and effective way for enjoining sound sleep then try yoga.  Here, discover how yoga can help you sleep better.

Yoga Eliminates Stress: One of the biggest benefits of performing yoga is that it helps in eliminating stress by reducing the cortisol levels (the stress based hormone) within our brain. Needless to mention, stress can be a major reason behind sleep related problems such as insomnia. Hence, if you’re looking to fall asleep without worrying and emotionally stressing yourself then consider practicing yoga.

Helps in Stabilizing the Nervous System:  Practicing yoga on a daily basis helps us in stabilizing our nervous systems and gets rid of tension, which is extremely important for unwinding as well as sleeping better.

Ease Discomfort and Pain: Individuals suffering from different types of joint pain, back pain, body pain, stiffness and other discomforts can follow a strict yoga routine to regain strength and mobility. Yoga not only helps in relaxing the brain but also eases body pain and discomfort that are vital to enjoying sleep for longer durations.

Helpful in Dealing with Uncertainty: Many of us keep stressing about whether or not we’ll be able to achieve our daily targets. This is yet another reason why we suffer from lack of sleep or disturbed sleep. However, yoga can be extremely helpful in dealing with all such uncertainties and situations.  Yoga emphasizes on breathing and considers it to be an important element for eliminating stress from the mind as well as the body. Regular yoga can help us in dealing with life uncertainties and hence enjoy better sleep.

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