How Snoring Can Affect Your Married Life?

Sleeping next to a partner who snores heavily can be extremely annoying and frustrating. According to experts, snoring is more common in men as compared to women but there are many women who snore too. However, in either case snoring can create havoc in your life and ruin relationships forever. Studies have shown that snoring affects sexual life and partners often don’t want to sleep next to each other. In fact, there have been several cases of wives who chose to sleep on a different bed or in the next room, as they found it difficult to sleep next to their snoring spouse.

How Snoring Spoils Relationships?

Couples who sleep separately often find themselves emotionally detached with each other. In fact, a couple’s married life is immensely disrupted, when they stop discussing things with each others. Women perform a number of household chores and duties during the day. Thus, when they don’t get enough sleep at night because of their snoring husbands, they skip sleeping next to them to avoid day sleeping issues.

Apart from this, snoring also affects the mental and physical health of a person. Snoring often results in health issues such as risk of diabetes, stroke, depression and even cardiac arrest as well as hypertension. Thus, snoring affects the sleep quality, leaving the non-snoring partner emotionally and physically drained as well as infuriated.

Causes of Snoring

There are several causes of snoring. In general, snoring occurs as a result of partially blocked airways. People suffering from sleep apnea can also develop snoring problems. Some of the other causes of snoring include nasal issues, sleep deprivation and excessive intake of alcohol and sleeping position.

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