Asthma tips for diwali

13 tips for asthma patients to stay safe during Diwali

Diwali is just upon us! So first of all, a very happy Deepawali to you all! Stay safe! Now let’s discuss the topic: how to make Diwali safe and fun for the asthmatics? To most, it’s a celebration time, it’s when they meet their extended family members, their buddies, and have fun time with sweets, candles, diyas, rangoli, and parties. But this is not often the case with people with acute asthma and other respiratory disorders.

Diwali is marked with a change in the weather, the onset of winter, as well as an increase in the allergens in the environment, and a spike in the noise and air pollution. And this sets the country with a steep increase in respiratory problems. However, with our 13 quick tips, any asthma patient or respiratory disorder patient can significantly reduce the stress associated with Diwali and celebrate it like any other individual in his or her family or neighbourhood. So are you in?

Here’s a list of few things we can do to ensure an ‘asthma free Diwali’

  1. Take your medications as prescribed and keep your inhalers handy if you’re going out or travelling.
  1. Do not go to places where you suspect heavy smoke or where kids are cracking fireworks; however, if you have to, cover your face with a handkerchief or a good quality mask
  2. Start your mornings with a glass of warm water. Then gargle with warm water and avoid eating anything for 30 minutes
  1. End your day with a warm glass of water. This will not only clear your digestion but also clear the pollutants from your respiratory system, prodding you to a nightlong sleep.
  1. You can have any delicacy; after all, it’s Diwali and you should not let your Asthma stop you from eating anything, but do try taking things in moderation. For example, you can have your favourite Mithai but try not eating it all in one gulp. You can have one or two pieces today or one or two pieces tomorrow, how does this sound? If you plan to have anything fried, again limit the intake.
  1. Try finishing your dinner before 8; afterwards, if you still feel the pangs of hunger moving around your stomach, you can relish some seasonal fruits
  1. Whenever you feel uneasy, try inhaling steam. But do not add anything in the water
  1. If you experience irregular breathing, you can, once a day, keep hot water bag on your chest, back, and stomach; this should provide some good relief
  1. Drink a glass of warm, turmeric milk once a day; do this especially around Diwali
  1. If you exercise, try going out only after sunrise and in the late afternoons; avoid going out in early morning and late evenings; these are the times when smog descends lower in the atmosphere and causes breathing difficulties
  1. Do not drink or smoke, especially during Diwali; there will already be a lot of smoke in the air
  1. Yoga is helpful in managing Asthma; try it every day; however, if you’ve not learnt it, first learn it under a qualified yoga trainer
  1. If you have a mild attack, try a cup of black coffee, ginger tea or green tea.

For more tips on better combating the Diwali pollution this time, speak with one of our sleep specialists.